To inspire you and to help you reduce the harmful chemicals, we’ve created a series of 7 (yes, seven!) Additive Free webinars

And this Sunday, we’re talking simple additive free swaps! Join us on JUNE 4th, at 20 00 p.m. EST and get and extend list of supermarket options

We’ll showcase simple food swaps that you can do – you don’t have to make everything from scratch, we promise! You’ll learn what food lables actually mean, and the worst additives to look out for. It’s very easy to make the switch – and more often than not, it won’t cost you any more!

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Video: How to eat additive free on a budget

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Webinar: how to pack an additive free lunchbox?
Webinar: Real life stories from those living addive free
Webinar: Additive free swaps
Webinar: Husbands or Hus-pains?
Webinar: What's inside additive free?
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Webinar: How to be a busy parent eating additive free