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We have been making our own washing powder for a while now and have played around with this recipe a few times.  We have added the Epsom salts, which we love because it softens the water and from our research it acts as a type of fabric softener. You could however leave it out as it doesn’t make your clothes any cleaner.

This is fine to use in both front or top loaders.

  • 2 bars Velvet/Sunlight soap = $1.71 (cuts through grease and grime)
  • 200g Epsom salts = $1.36 (acts as a fabric softener)
  • 500g washing soda = $1.93 (assists with breaking down dirt, grease and grime)
  • 500g bi carb = $2.55 (brightens whites)
  • 10-20 drops doTERRA essential oil of choice

APPROX TOTAL COST = $7.75 for approx. 1.5 kg (as of Feb ’14)

This works out to around $5.16 per kg (which by my research is cheaper than most regular washing powders). When you also take into account that you only use 1/4 cup per load it works out to about 40-50 loads, so about 15 cents per load, which I think is quite good, plus you are not using those ‘nasty’ chemicals that are in many store bought powders.  

Also, if you can buy any of these products in bulk it will further reduce your costs.

FAQ:  Why no borax?
A:  This is really a personal choice, but from our investigations we have chosen not to use it.  It can be a naturally occurring substance, but although natural, it doesn’t always mean it’s safe.   We wouldn’t like to be breathing this in from the dust it will create in your Thermo machine.


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Chop your soap with a knife into large bits then put into mixing jug and blitz 20secs/speed 9. Scrape and repeat – you want it super fine so it will break down in cold water

Add Epsom salts, washing soda and bi carb and blitz again for 30 secs/speed 4

Turn your machine onto speed 2 and while this is mixing drizzle the oil through the hole in your lid

Now give it a good mix on speed 7 for approx. 3 sec

Store in an airtight container - if you find it goes a bit hard due to moisture, just blitz in your machine again for 3-5 secs/speed 7