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Ummm, seriously, these steamed buns are gods gift to earth…  You don’t need an oven for these as you’ll be cooking them in your top steaming tray.  They are pretty easy to whip up, but do take a bit of time as you need to let the dough rise twice.  You can cook these on the weekend and store them in an air-tight container for up to 2 days in the fridge, however fresh is best.

I served these with some baby spinach, grated carrot and smoked salmon.  I then drizzled the top with our home made Teriyaki sauce recipe…  C’mon – do it!

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Place yeast, sugar, and water into your mixing jug. Heat to 37C/3 mins/speed 1.

Add all other ingredients and knead for 4 mins. If your mixture isn't forming into a ball, add a little bit more water until you get a ball.

Add 1 tsp olive oil into a separate bowl and coat the bowl well. Tip your dough into the bowl and sit it somewhere warm to rise and double in size. Cover with a clean tea-towel. The more humid your room is, the better rise you'll get.

Once it's doubled in size, roll your dough into a long sausage shape about 5cm round. Chop it in half, then half again. Then chop those bits into 3 or 4. You want around 18 evenly sized pieces.

Roll out each piece into a square type shape, approx 3mm thick. Brush it with olive oil. Place a straw or chopstick in the middle and then fold them in half so the oiled sides are touching. Repeat with all pieces and sit them on a piece of baking paper covered with a towel. Let these rise and double in size.

Pour water into your mixing jug to the 1L line. On steaming temp (Varoma if you're using a Thermomix). Let the water come to the boil.

Place as many buns (as you can fit) into your bottom and top trays. Don't over crowd, and no need to oil.

Cook these on steaming temp for 8 minutes/speed 1. Sit on a wire rack covered with a clean tea-towel once done. Repeat with remaining dough until all cooked.

Fill these with your filling of choice. I served these with some baby spinach, grated carrot, and smoked salmon and then drizzled the top with Teriyaki sauce. Serve and enjoy!