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WOW! You really must try these Fish Tacos, they are delicious!

TIP: This is best served immediately, however you can pre-cook your fish and then re-heat in the oven (temp 150C) till warmed through.

We love it served with Corn Salsa!


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Have all salad items ready to go before cooking as this is best served immediately

Slice your fish into small, thin strips. Then coat in order - flour - egg - breadcrumbs. Repeat till all the fish is coated

In a large, heavy based frying pan, heat 1 tblsp oil over a medium/high heat and cook the fish for approx 3-5 mins per side, till nice and golden (and cooked through). Do this in batches if needed. Add extra oil as needed.

Heat taco shells as per packet instructions

Once all cooked, assemble your taco and enjoy!