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This Corn Salsa is so refreshing and easy to make, it has five ingredients and will take you no time at all to put together.

We love to team this up with our Fish Taco recipe. Yum!

You can find our Fish Taco recipe here

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*Thermal Cooking Method*

Fill mixing jug with 600g water and, using the varoma tray, cook corn cobs for 15 mins/steaming temp/speed 2. Allow to cool and then slice off the corn kernels (continue to step 5)

*Traditional Cooking Method*

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, add corn cobs and cook for approx 10 mins. Allow to cool and then slice off the corn kernels

Add corn to your bowl filled with diced capsicum, drained black beans and spring onions. Mix well to combine

Drizzle with lime juice

Serve and enjoy!