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Spaghetti Carbonara is one of my favourite meals of all time (my whole family love it as well). It is my go-to meal when I don’t feel like cooking as it is just so easy to make (and thermie does most of the work).

You can freeze this once cooked, just add more milk when re-heating as it will thicken.

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*Note - There are two ways to cook your bacon for this recipe - you can add it when you cook the onions in your thermie or if you prefer it a bit crunchy then fry it in a pan.

Put your onion and garlic in mixing jug and blitz 3 secs/speed 9 (add diced bacon now if cooking in thermie). Then cook 3 mins/reverse/highest temp/speed 2.

If cooking your bacon in a frying pan do this now, while your thermie is cooking the sauce

It's also time to boil your pasta as per packet instructions

Now make the carbonara sauce - add eggs, cream, stock, milk and some cracked pepper. Cook 7 mins/reverse/80C/speed 4. Your sauce will thicken on standing, but if it gets too thick add more milk and stir through

Once your sauce is done pour this into your thermal server to keep warm. Stir in the bacon if you cooked this in a pan. Leave in the thermal server to stay warm. Add the pasta once cooked and serve immediately.

We like extra cracked pepper on top. If you like parmesan cheese you could sprinkle some of this on as well or add to the sauce when cooking (approx 20g) Enjoy!

Tip - you can freeze this, when re-heating add a bit more milk till you get the consistency you like