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    Additive Free Cooking Pack
    $537.22 $499.00
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    Are you ready to switch to an Additive-Fee Lifestyle?

    Our Additive Free Cooking Pack is the perfect pack to get you well on your way.

    This AMAZING! Pack includes

    1 x Everymite
    1 x Ghee
    1 x Coconut Amino Sauce
    1 x Gelatin 250g
    1 x Roar Living Cordial
    1 x Food Colour Bundle
    1 x 3 Pack of 100’s & 1000’s
    1 x Hokey Pokey
    1 x Little Gems 200g
    1 x Hearty Original Beef Bone Broth
    1 x Homestyle Original Chicken Bone Broth
    1 x Garden Veggie – Vegetable Bone Broth
    1 x Protein Powder
    1 x Superfood Latte
    1 x Vital Veggie Powder 300g
    1 x C Berry Blast 100g
    1 x Berry Choc Chunk 150g
    1 x Collagen Body 225g
    1 x Collagen Beauty 225g
    1 x Lemon Essential Oil
    1 x Peppermint Essential Oil and
    1 x Wild Orange Essential Oil

    WOW! Let’s make the switch to an Additive-Free Lifestyle

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    Additive Free Simple Swaps Pack
    $979.77 $849.00
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    WOW! This pack has all you need to change over your home to an Additive-Free Lifestyle with a bang. You can make simple swaps with our Cooking Pack, Body Pack, Cleaning Pack, Mens Pack and Kids Pack. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking control of what you put in and on your body and around the house as well.

    We are proud of you and your journey into an Additive-Free Lifestyle

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    SOL Ghee – 685g
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    Sol Ghee is hand made according to traditional Ayurvedic methods – Made from 100% Certified Organic Unsalted Butter sourced from New Zealand Grass Fed Cows.

    Non GMO, totally natural free from additives, colours, preservatives. PALEO FRIENDLY!

    Use in place of normal cooking oil. Ideal for healthy cooking due to its high smoke point/heating point. Perfect for frying, sauteing, baking and roasting.  Can be used in place of butter as healthy spread on toast, on baked potatoes or steamed corn. Great for freshly made popcorn!