Episode #52 – Our Favourite Essential Oils To Travel With

If you haven’t already integrated essential oils into your travel habits, then you truly are missing out! In this episode we cover all of our favourite doTERRA essential oils to travel with.

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Essential oils can really add that extra creature comfort when traveling and makes such a big difference to long transits and flights.  We discuss certain oils that can uplift your mood, take away headaches, help with sunburn and even skin irritations.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to any tropical destinations, we talk about TerraShield (or TerraArmour) and how you can naturally protect yourself against mosquitos. It’s common that you have to trial many natural mosquito sprays until you find one that you can truly rely on.

When you think of essential oils you may just think about traditionally applying to your temples or wrists for an amazing scent,but there’s so many other health benefits as you will soon find out! We cover which oils are great to add to tea for improved digestion, how to soothe tired legs and many other common travel complaints. You’ll never travel without essential oils after this episode!

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