Episode #48 – The Magic of doTERRA

Every year doTERRA run an Incentive trip for Wellness Advocates from Australia and New Zealand – this year’s trip was to Fiji.  We wanted that trip bad, we worked our butts off and were lucky enough to be the winners of this years’ competition.

After much hard work, we achieved the Grand Prize – we stayed in the Presidential Suite of the Sheraton Hotel with all expenses paid.

In this episode we speak about our natural skepticism towards being advocates for direct selling companies. We discuss why doTERRA is different from any other direct selling company – is not about direct selling or marketing but rather helping people along the way.

We speak about the unique structure of doTERRA and the ‘zero competition’ between Wellness Advocates. How it is not about outdoing each other, or trying to be better than someone else, it is more about the extreme love of the  doTERRA products and it’s global mission.

We discuss our life-changing experience of visiting local villages in Fiji, in particular how magical it was to gift school supplies to kids in need (with a personalised touch). Tracey was lucky enough to meet the recipient of her pencil case and it was a moment she will remember forever.

doTERRA also gave a generous donation to the village, doubled the wages of our tour guides and more throughout the visit. The Chief of the Village believed doTERRA was the miracle they had been praying for.

Overall, this trip has changed our lives and we thank doTERRA, the people of Fiji and everyone that supported us to achieve our goal of the Grand Prize.

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