Episode #113 -Stirring Change and Food Wastage

We are back with another cracking episode of The Whole Circle and this week we are back chatting with the fantastic Georgia Lienemann who featured in episode 108, where we spoke about reducing food waste by consuming all of the parts that make up an animal, including brains, hearts, and livers! While we candidly admit that we haven’t yet implemented offal into our diet, the idea is well and truly etched in our minds. This episode will certainly add a few more ideas to your memory banks, where again we are hearing some incredible tips on how to reduce household food waste.



Episode #112 – Health and Wellness with The Chief Life

Based on the realisation that you can’t just give someone a nutrition plan, and expect instant results, Matty & Stacey from The Chief Life have spent a lot of time in uncovering the many other factors that help to create positive lifestyle changes, in both the short and long term. After all, it’s about creating realistic goals that actually fit into your busy life. In this episode, we have a huge amount of short and sweet facts, advice, and studies, all derived from Matty & Stacey’s very own Seven Pillars for optimal health. There’s something for everyone in our first ever four-way podcast and we guarantee you’re going to walk away much wiser after tuning in!



Episode #111 – Our Top 10 Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

In this episode, we talk about all the ways you can reduce food wastage in your own home. According to AusHarvest, the government estimates that food wastage in Australia costs the economy a whopping $20 billion annually! With over five million tonnes of food that ending up in landfill, from households and the commercial sector. These figures become a little close to the heart when it’s also revealed that 35% of the average household bin is full of food wastage. For this reason, it’s time to play your part in reducing this wastage, and in turn, saving yourself a lot of money.



Episode #110 – Jules Galloway and Her Amazing Trip to Fiji

Today we are speaking with a previous guest, Jules who was on the airwaves way back on our second ever podcast show. Jules is a naturopath of close to 15 years, based near beautiful Byron Bay. Her biggest area of interest is in helping women overcome various levels of fatigue and biochemical glitches. She even refers to her work as detective work, as many clients have already been to see other naturopaths and come to her with unresolved issues.  In this episode we are talking about her incredible aid work across the globe, and how you too can make a huge difference by paying it forward.



Episode #109 – We’re Rebranding!

We wanted to share with you all the big exciting changes that you’ll notice over the coming weeks and months in this short, snappy but pack full of exciting info podcast. While the Whole Circle Podcast show will remain unchanged, Sistermixin’ is getting a huge (Drummerole)  RE-BRAND! which is soo exciting. So join us and let’s get straight into it!



Episode #108 – Georgia from Stirring Change – Nose to Tail Nutrition

Why offal is the answer to our nutritional needs (vegans divert your eyes!)

In this episode, we’re chatting with Georgia Lienemann, who is here to inspire variety in your diet, particularly from her passion of all things Nose to Tail.  If this term is new to you, it’s all about valuing and using the many different cuts of an animal. This includes the offal, which gives you a full spectrum of nutrients along with healthy fats, both often greatly diminished in traditional prime cuts of meat.

So please stick with us as you will find some very healthy useful information.



Episode #107 – Best Camping Meals

We won’t lie, it’s not exactly easy to be additive-free, when you embark on a family camping trip, but it’s still very achievable. Pre-additive free, it would be a running  joke that Jo’s family would always come home early from their camping trip, as her daughter would always get sick. All of the little ice cream treats, dips, chips, wines, two-minute noodles and biscuits all add up, in terms of nasty additives! With Easter coming up, we want to prepare you for your own additive-free camping trip! It’s time to get savvy, so you and your family can return from camping, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Episode #106 – MME and How It Can Help You

When we first created Meals Made Easy, we had no idea how popular it would become! This program is all about having an organised approach to meals, while being able to cook super healthy, additive and preservative-free. When you take out additives and preservatives from your diet, you’ll notice a profound effect on your overall health and well being and that of your families!

Episode #105 – Smart Fertility Choices with Kim Campbell

Kym is one of those rare souls, who openly bares her struggles of being diagnosed with a chronic disease, and her inability to fall pregnant due to fertility issues. Through that soul baring process, Kym has been changing the lives of many other women, through the invaluable knowledge she has gained along the way. We have been so intrigued by her story, and totally blown away with how much she has accomplished along the way. In this episode, we hear all about the heartbreak she has been through but also the incredible power of controlling her chronic disease through natural approaches, and eventually falling pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Episode #104 – Lunch Box Ideas for Adults and Teens

In this episode, it’s all about hints and tips for better lunches. If you’ve got access to a microwave, sandwich press or mini-oven at your work, or even at high school, then you have a lot more options and variety when it comes to lunch and snack choices. Don’t worry if you’re a tradie or work outdoors with no access to these heating devices, we also have some great tips for you

Episode #103 – Nourishing Lunches for Kids

We thought it was the perfect time to be talking about healthy lunches for your little ones, now that the first school term has started for the year, you’d be surprised at just how many questions we get asked from curious mums, about what makes the best fillers for their children’s lunch boxes. If you’ve got a desire to bring your children up as healthy as possible, but not sure how to battle through fussy eaters or lack of ideas, you’ll find lots of inspiration in this episode.

Episode #102 – All Things Body Care with Krissy from Inspired Little Pot

Krissy shares with us how she’s held onto her slow burning passion for health and wellness over the years. She’s studied human movement, majoring in health promotion, and even taught health for 7 years at primary and high school level. It wasn’t until she became a mum that she one day woke up and a little light-bulb went off. As she gazed around her kitchen, she saw all the little bottles and boxes, and wondered what all the strange and unpronounceable ingredients were, that were listed on the products.


Episode #101 – Celebration  Additive-Free

We absolutely love Australia Day, as it’s a big social day on our calendars. Of course growing up, we always knew this day to be full of backyard cricket, trips to the beach and lots of laughs with friends and family. Like many, as you get a bit older, you discover the addition of alcohol and parties to fuel the fun. With Australia Day upon us, we want to dedicate this podcast to all the ways you can do your best to stay additive and preservative free, on this big day of celebration and other parties you might attend throughout the year.


Episode #100 – A Celebration of Our Achievements and What’s to Come

In this huge 100th episode, we reflect back on how far we’ve truly come since the beginning of our journey, and the incredible people we have met and had on the show. We’ve had nearly 700,000 downloads since we launched the Sistermixin’ podcast show which has blown us away!


Episode #99 – Our Top 5 Questions From Our Additive Free Challange

With the end in sight for our latest Additive Free Challenge, we wanted to share with you some of the most probing questions asked by our participants and our followers in general.


Episode #98 – Our Favourite Essential Oils During The Summer Period

If you have followed us for a while, then you would have noticed we have developed quite a bit of an obsession with essential oils. They have become massive part of our lives, and we wouldn’t be without them nowadays.

While it’s been a challenge, we have managed to narrow our favourite oils down to our top 10 (ish). We have found doTERRA oils to be absolutely life changing, and of course love that they have 100% pure, natural plant-based ingredients.

Episode #97 – Mindset and Why It Is Important To Our Health

If you don’t tame the thoughts in your mind, then it can become very easy to allow negative thought patterns to dominate your day. While you should never strive for 100% positive, because as humans we need to experience all ranges of emotion, we talk about ways to achieve more in your life through an improved mindset.

Episode #96 – Overcoming Body Image Issues with Nicole Joy

Nicole Joy describes herself as a multi-passionate person, which is obvious through the energy in her voice! She is a creator of self-dubbed “healthy-ish” recipes, and has published two cook books, containing whole foods that simply don’t compromise on taste. We hear all about what inspired Nicole to truly take off in the health and wellness space, through opening up about her own past body issues.

Episode #95 – Emerge Food Van for Disengaged Kids with Jen Shaw

Today we feel very lucky to have Jen Shaw on the show, who is the founder of Emerge, an incredible social impact project. Emerge is a mobile food van, that employs disengaged children. Teaching them to cook, clean and serve customers, along with learning many other life skills.

Episode #94 – All Things Cordial with Maria from Roar Living

We are delighted to feature Maria from Roar Cordial in this episode of The Whole Circle. Maria is inspirational, full of life and one of the most giving people we have ever met.

Episode #93 – Exactly What A doTERRA Business Can Mean For You Financially 

In this episode we discuss what it means to start your own doTERRA business, including how you can go about making income (all the way from a little side income, right to full time earnings).

Episode #92 – Why You Should Start a doTERRA Business

If you have followed us for a while you will know that we are super excited by essential oils, especially the company doTERRA. It fills our heart with joy, it has allowed us financial freedom to expand our business, it has given us the opportunity to travel and it has provided us with numerous ways to improve our additive free lives – past just flavouring food.

Episode #91 – The Environmental Impacts of Cookware That No One Talks About


If you’ve ever been shopping for a frying pan, then you’ll be all too familiar with the overwhelming selections now available on the market. From aluminium and stainless steel, to carbon steel, non-stick and more…it can be a difficult decision to know which one to choose. It’s even harder if you’re trying to live as low tox as possible. That’s why it’s important to know some of the dangers of cooking with certain types of frying pans, and why it might be worth investing money on that pan that’s been on your wish list.

Episode #90 – Chey From Black Chicken Remedies

In today’s episode of The Whole Circle we speak to Chey Birch, the visionary creator and founder of Black Chicken Remedies.

This companies story started out merely as a hobby. Chey was suffering from chronic sinusitis and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. She consulted with a naturopath, who then asked her about all the products she used on her body. Chey was horrified with just how many toxins she was putting onto her skin.

Episode #89 – Wendy’s Way

In this episode we are so glad to have Wendy as our guest, who shares her fulfilling journey towards a better version of herself! Wendy shares her wellness journey that began four years ago, when she had lost all zest for life.

Not only was she overweight she was also floundering through her days, until she decided to join an event where she heard Cindy O’Mara speak and this was what ignited her inspiring journey that she revels until today and which she continues to champion.

Episode #88 – Amanda on her Additive Free Made Easy Journey

Today we are lucky enough to be speaking with Amanda, a mum of four and a nurse that is witnessing the direct result of increased chemicals in our everyday life, and the role they are playing in disease. Particularly she recognizes the rise in dermatitis, eczema and asthma in young children and makes a stand that she doesn’t want her children to walk the same path.

Episode #87 – Alannah’s Additive Free Made Easy Journey

Today we are talking to Alannah who completed our course in 2016. She was inspired to take the plunge, after her two boys suffered from persistent asthma, and her husband had suffered a heart attack at just 35 years old. After battling through lack of sleep and low energy, she finally sought a natural alternative to help out her family, as medication simply was not working.

Episode #86 – Natalie on Her Additive Free Made Easy Journey

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to hear some amazing stories from our listeners on their own personal additive free journeys. In this episode we are interviewing Natalie, a soon-to-be mum, who completed our June round of the Additive Free Made Easy E-Course. These stories are life changing, so get prepared to be inspired

Episode #85 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge, Day 7 – Embracing the Change

Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the change is what it’s all about when you start going additive free. It’s truly one of the most empowering feelings you will ever get. Then there is the education factor – knowing what you are eating and educating yourself as to the foods you’re putting in your body, not to mention your family’s bodies! We all should understand what some additives are doing to our health

Episode #84 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge, Day 6 – Swapping it Up

Day six of our Additive Free Challenge is all about swapping it up. In this podcast episode we talk about healthy snacks for all those on-the-run parents, especially on family days and sporting events.

Episode #83 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge, Day 5 – Takeaway Foods

Who doesn’t love a quick meal on a Friday night, especially after a busy week? It’s so easy to swing past that drive-through and grab a burger and chips. Everyone is happy… for an hour or so. But then it all turns to custard: kids are fighting, you are grumpy and tired, and everyone is hungry again…and it’s only been an hour since you ate, say what!!!

Episode #82 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge Day 4 – Caramel 150c

This is one of the sneakiest additives you will find on the supermarket shelves.  It is generally made by heating some form of carbohydrate, either wheat or corn, but it can also be made from malt syrup (barley) or lactose (milk). So if you have an allergen to any of these things, you should also be avoiding caramel colours. There is also numerous talk that caramel colour is derived from genetically modified ingredients.

Episode #81 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge Day 3 – Preservative 220

One of the major problems with food these days, is the need for food companies to dramatically increase shelf life. One of the most common preservatives found in these products is preservative 220. In this episode we dive deep into discussions on the common preservative 220 – you will be shocked just how many foods contain it.

Episode #80 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge Day 2 – Annatto

Annatto, or 160B, is one ingredient we would love to see banned from our supermarket shelves. It is definitely on our hate list, for a few reasons, mainly the extremely long list of adverse reactions that have been reported after eating this additive.

Episode #79 – Additive Free Made Easy Challenge, Day 1 – Preservative 282

Day one of this challenge is all about preservative 282, so let us share with you what this preservative is and what some of the side effects may include… we think you may be a little horrified after learning this info, but please know, there are alternatives and you don’t have to go without a household staple.

Episode #78 – Icy Poles – The Epidemic in Your Child’s School

This is one of the more serious topics we have covered on The Whole Circle, and one that we are super passionate about. As you know we are all about reducing the amount of artificial additives and preservatives that we consume, so in today’s episode we run through ingredients in four different branded ice blocks (and we’re not afraid to name and shame!).

Episode #77 – Realising How Far We Have Come- Tracey’s Story

It’s so important to have gratitude for how far you’ve come in particular areas of your life, and especially celebrating the small wins for improvement. In this episode, we run through some of the simple things that Tracey has done, in order to lead her to an additive and preservative free lifestyle

Episode #76 – Alisa’s Product from 123 Nourish Me

Alisa’s passion for kid’s health and hidden ingredients is clear to see, and in this episode we hear all about Alisa’s journey into creating her own beautiful chemical-free, organic company

We hear about the challenges around the many laws of manufacturing sunscreen, chemicals that are linked to cancer and the journey Alisa has been on in creating (and soon to be launching!) her very own sunscreen range.

Episode #75 – The Secrets of MSG with Alisa Latto

We know from personal experience how overwhelming and confusing the subject of additives and preservatives can be, so today we are lucky enough to be talking to Alisa about all the details!

We get all the goss on MSG, including the common types of food to lookout for, in finding this nasty little ingredient. We hear about the marketing secrets and labelling laws that still allow MSG in our food under stealth names or numbers.

Episode #74 – Our Top Five Favourite Essential Oils for Cleaning

Cleaning is not exactly something everyone has on the top of their list of favourite things to do, however many of us will agree that we do love to have a clean house. If you have kids, then you’ll know all too well the challenges of never ending housekeeping! In this episode, you’ll learn a whole lot of ways you can implement essential oils into your cleaning routine for a more enjoyable experience.

Episode #73 – doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack and Its Benefits

After Jo embarked on a doTERRA 30 day challenge, we decided we should share just how much our health has benefited from these incredible supplement packs. After the challenge, Jo tells her personal story of forgetting to take her supplements for 10 days, through the stress and business of life. It wasn’t until she stopped taking them, when she realised how good she felt on them.

Episode #72 – Our Top Ten Tips on How We Achieve More in Our Days

Since we began recording The Whole Circle podcast, we have learnt amazing amounts of knowledge, on a huge variety of topics, from all the amazing people we interview. In this episode we share all the best tips that will dramatically improve your lifestyle and help you to spring out of bed in the morning!

Episode #71 – Our Top Five Self Care Strategies

For all our mumma listeners, this episode is for you! We discuss the self-care rituals you may have had before children, but how it takes a back seat when your kids become your priority. We also talk about the need to say no to the things that will only cause more stress.

Episode #70 – Our Top Five Budget Tip

In this episode, we share our top five tips to better budgeting and we’re on a mission to help you reach your financial goals! Money doesn’t have to be stressful and once you can get a grasp on what’s going out of your bank account, you’ll feel much more confident in meeting your financial goals and targets.

Episode #69 – Our Top Five Episodes

In this podcast we cover five of our top downloaded podcasts ever and why you should go back and listen to them right now! If you’re fairly new to Sistermixin, then you may have missed out on some epic episodes from back in the days! We also cover our personal favourites and all the highlights of these episodes.

Episode #68 – Debrief from Additive Free Made Easy Past Rounds

Every round of our E-course, we have someone share why they started the course in the first place. We are just blown away by the responses and go through a range of emotions from crying to laughing out loud.

We talk about your common hurdles when going additive free, such as telling your children’s grandparents what new diet changes and restrictions are happening when it’s their time to babysit.

Episode #67 – How to be Financially Ready to Start a Family with Paul Benson

Today we are lucky to have Paul on the The Whole Circle.  Paul has been a financial planner for over 15 years. He is a father of two and recently started a podcast of his own, Financial Autonomy after he recognised a need for advice around every day financial matters.

Episode #66 – Differently Wired with Debbie Reber

Today we’re chatting with Debbie who runs a website called TILT parenting which provides an abundance of insight and inspiration to parents with differently wired kids. She affectionately uses this term rather than disability or disorder and has her own differently wired 12-year-old son with ADHD and Asperger.

Episode #65 – Stress – The Primary Causes with Dr Damian Kristof

Today we are chatting with Dr Kristof, or Damo as he much prefers to be called! Damo proudly wears three hats as a nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. He is clearly passionate and driven to share information that has the power to transform lives.


Episode #64 – Shakti Mats – The Hidden Benefits

Today we are chatting with John who sent us a Shakti mat about a year ago, but we won’t lie, we have been a little intimidated by it and haven’t used it all that much. But in this episode John takes the time to explain all of the life changing health benefits that he’s personally seen after showing around 20,000 people how it actually works! John shares some of the best feedback he’s received.

Episode #63 – Acupuncture, Should We or Shouldn’t We?

We steal Anne for her first ever podcast and hear about all things acupuncture. There’s something about acupuncture (mostly the needles) that really put people off giving it a go! But we learn that a doctor’s needle is actually 500x thicker than an acupuncture needle. Anne explains all the many ailments she has treated from simple back pain to trouble sleeping, quitting smoking, helping the body to deal with stress from physical to mental, all the way to hormonal issues.

Episode #62 – How To Get More Time in Your Day with Mike Vardy

In this episode we are speaking with Mike Vardy who is dedicated to helping people to do more of what they actually want to be doing in their lives, using simple and flexible techniques. If you’re after more freedom and time then you’re going to pick up on a lot of tips from Mike on how to shuffle your current schedule and get ahead.

Episode #61 – Better Breathing with Cole Clayton

In this episode we are excited to be talking to Cole Clayton who is a health coach specialist focusing on breathing programs for kids. After suffering from breathing problems in his younger years, Cole became highly curious on the topic and made a strong link between regulation of emotion and proper breathing in children.

Episode #60 –  Nicole’s Inspiring Story By Eating Additive & Preservative Free

We just can’t stop smiling in this episode as we hear about Nicole’s incredible story. She suffers from multiple diseases including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and is also doubly immunosuppressed, meaning she picks up every cold that comes around.

Episode #59 – Tara, Mother of 2 Boys tells us how “Additive Free has Changed my Life”

Jo was privileged when this amazing mum agreed to share her story with us. Tara is a mum of two boys that both suffer from allergies, including anaphylaxis to multiple foods. She tells her inspirational story about her son’s severe reaction to an asthma medication that has made media headlines recently. She walks us through the long two years it took for him to fully recover.

Episode #58 – Taneall’s Inspiring Story on Going Additive Free

Taneall shares with us her heartwarming story of how her life was absolutely ruled by her son Jordy’s extreme moods.

After much denial, she finally followed her gut feeling and sought help, where he was diagnosed with OCD, ADHD and ODD. We learn the characteristics of each of these disorders.

Episode #57 – Melissa Dasilva Mythbusting Transgender Gay and Lesbian Topics

We were lucky enough to meet Melissa in the Philippines at the Tropical Think Tank conference. Melissa has a passion for supporting transgender and non-binary youth in their transitions. In this podcast we dive into some fascinating topics!

Episode #56 – Thriving Children with Clare Crew

Today we are chatting with Clare who we met on a business trip to the Philippines and instantly connected with her. She holds a special role where she helps to overcome children’s attention, learning and behavioural challenges by incorporating more movement, play, connection and, of course, real food.

Episode #55 – Why Mums Should Live More Shameless with Sara Dean

Sara has a clear passion in helping to inspire women and in particular new mums to create greatness in all areas of their lives.

Sara was blown away with the struggles that came with motherhood. She felt she completely lost her identity and knew there had to be another way.

Episode #54 – Discussing Fussy Kids With Dr Brett Hill

Today we are talking with Dr Brett Hill who loves to inspire others to lead a full life of energy and vitality. His biggest passion is helping families overcome eating issues, especially the all too common fussy eaters!

Episode #53 – Let’s Discuss Meals Made Easy

In this episode we go into depth about our new Meals Made Easy program. This program is designed to make EVERYONES lives a whole lot easier! All the recipes in Meals Made Easy are designed to be 100% additive free, with many different types of meals offered – there is something for everyone (including the fussiest of kids).

Episode #52 – Our Favourite Essential Oils To Travel With

If you haven’t already integrated essential oils into your travel habits, then you truly are missing out! In this episode we cover all of our favourite doTERRA essential oils to travel with.

Essential oils can really add that extra creature comfort when traveling and makes such a big difference to long transits and flights.  We discuss certain oils that can uplift your mood, take away headaches, help with sunburn and even skin irritations.

Episode #51 – Ethical and Sustainable Eating with Jo Smith from Naturally Well With Jo

In this episode we are chat with Jo Smith who shares so many inspiring tips on how to live more consciously. She is trained as a holistic food coach, yoga instructor and personal trainer and lives on a beautiful island just outside of Tasmania.

Episode #50 – A Discussion All About Poop with Lynda Griparic

In this episode we talk to Lynda Griparic about everything to do with number twos! She is the Poop Queen and is not ashamed to bring light to a socially sensitive topic! There’s no shortage of humor and good advice in this episode, including what makes a “healthy evacuation” and “poo-phoria” (yes it is such a thing!).

Episode #49 – Eating Real Food whilst on Holidays

In this episode we speak about our recent trip to Fiji (which we won thanks to doTERRA essential oils) and our eating habits along the way. We have a huge focus on de-stressing on holidays and how the food that you eat while away shouldn’t be your main focus.

We indulged in breakfast buffets (which were included in our hotel package) and quickly noticed that many of the foods were not overly healthy and certainly not additive free. To stick to our normal diets, that we had back home, would only cause us stress which is certainly not what we wanted on holiday!

Episode #48 – The Magic of doTERRA

Every year doTERRA run an Incentive trip for Wellness Advocates from Australia and New Zealand – this year’s trip was to Fiji.  We wanted that trip bad, we worked our butts off and were lucky enough to be the winners of this years’ competition.

After much hard work, we achieved the Grand Prize – we stayed in the Presidential Suite of the Sheraton Hotel with all expenses paid.

Episode #47- Let’s Talk Healthy Kids

Today we are talking with Jessica, who has a zest and passion for health but also loves to keep things in perspective and is certainly not a perfectionist when it comes to proper nutrition! She explains some often ‘misleading’ information in the health world and breaks it down into bite size pieces with her unique down to earth approach.

Episode #46 – We Discuss Eating Disorders with Natalie from Health by Wholefoods

In this episode Natalie airs her own personal struggles out loud to inspire others to find their own inner strength. Nat brings her powerful story about her health struggles including suffering eight long years with an eating disorder. She is now a holistic dietician, nutritionist and certified fitness instructor working in both clinical practice and technical education.

Episode #45 – Discussing Skin Disorders with Dr Irene Prantalos

Living with psoriasis since the age of 11, Irene was told by her doctors she could simply take a cream and it will go away. However by the age of 17 it spread to her entire body. Hospitalised for two weeks to undertake intensive treatment, she was trialed on a host of medications that only seemed to make things worse.

Episode #44 –The Power of Coconut Oil with Jenni Madison

In this episode we are speaking with Jenni Madison about all things coconut! We’re taken into her amazing journey to Thailand and how coconut oil helped cure her chronic digestive issues, chronic yeast infection and frustrating eczema, all of which came about as a result of stress and poor food choices. She now educates others on the healing properties of coconut oil and products.

Episode #43 –A Journey About Healing From Breast Cancer

In this episode of The Whole Circle we talk to Kylie Lowe – an energised cancer survivor (and thriver) and funder of Healing Hands.

Her daughters were just 4 years old and 8 months old at the time of her diagnosis of an aggressive breast cancer.  She was given a zero percent chance of survival without surgery (yep ZERO).

Episode #42 –Transforming Lives Town After Town With The Root Cause

Today on The Whole Circle we chat with Israel and Belinda from “The Root Cause” who are transforming children’s lives one lunchbox at a time. After the birth of their second child, Israel suffered badly from post natal depression (yes, men suffer too!).

Episode #41 – From Homeless to Success With Kylie Travers

Today on The Whole Circle we talk to Kylie Travers.  Her story is incredibly touching and will hit a note with everyone.  We talk from the heart and nothing is off limits.  This interview is incredibly powerful and we hope that by sharing we are able to help others suffering from domestic violence.

Episode #40 – Following Your Bliss

In this episode we are speaking with a mother on a mission to help YOU find your bliss. Chloe Taylor creates mouthwatering raw desserts and since discovering her bliss feels her life has improved dramatically.

Episode #39 – The Differences Between Allergies & Intolerances

Maryana truly embraces the natural side of living and the power of real food. In this episode she shares with us her empowering journey about how she discovered  that through the power of food she was able to heal her daughter’s eczema and food allergies. She refused to accept the doctor’s fearful advice that her daughter would suffer from food allergies for her entire life.


Episode #38 – The Fear of Change

In this episode we talk about common everyday fears and how much we can be held back by our own limiting beliefs. We focus in particular on why it’s so important to listen to your gut feeling and do what you know and trust is right for you in the moment.

Episode #37 – Mastering Your Mean Girl

We are so excited to be talking to best selling author, key note speaker and entrepreneur Melissa Ambrosini who shares with us some incredible advice on self-love, controlling the ego, mastering health and ways to reach your ultimate dream life.

Episode #36 – It’s All About Breakfast With Stacey Clare

Today we are stoked to be speaking with one of the best breakfast gurus around. Stacey Clare is a busy mum of two and features in our online e-course sharing her wisdom as a nutrition coach.

Episode #35 – How We Found Happiness

In this episode we discuss ways in which to make time to do what is really important to you and how we each find our happiness and joy each day. As we’re both busy mums we find we can get lost in the role of motherhood and neglect our bodies, often forgetting to give ourselves the love we deserve. In particular, with Jo, she has learnt to say “no” which might sound harsh but is certainly needed in order for her to save time for herself each day.

Episode #34 – Jo’s Story Continued

The idea behind today’s episode is to pick Jo’s brain as to the reasons behind her decision to live an additive free lifestyle and where she’s at three years down the track from the beginning of her journey.

Episode #33 – Food & Family With Maddie Race

Maddie is a true Italian. If she isn’t in the kitchen you’ll probably find her watching a cooking show, reading a cooking book or talking to somebody about food. Food is undoubtedly one of her greatest passions.

Episode #32 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Question & Answer Time

We have been inundated with questions about our “Additive Free Made Easy Online Course” we have decided to dedicate this podcast to answering some of your most frequently asked questions.

Episode #31 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Day Five – What’s left to Eat

Are you wondering what is left to eat after the last five days of information. Trust us, you won’t go hungry when you decide to eat additive free – the options are endless!

Episode #30 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Day Four – All About Labelling

Food labeling is tricky to understand. In this episode of The Whole Circle we discuss the importance of checking the back of packets. Don’t be fooled by the clever marketing displayed on the front of the packet!

Episode #29 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Day Three – Managing Judgement

In this episode we give some great tips on managing judgement from others (and also our own judgment), especially when we refuse to eat a certain type of food which we know is detrimental to our health.

Episode #28 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Day Two – Time And Money

We find some of the most popular questions we get involve time and money, with the top questions being “Is it expensive to live additive free?” or “Where do you find the time?”

Episode #27 – Taking The Fear Out Of Additive Free Eating – Day One – Know Your Why!

Starting anything new in life can often be overwhelming and it’s no different when it comes to implementing healthier food options into your life. We’re here to help those that are starting out additive free and putting out a big reminder that it isn’t as scary as it may seem!

Episode #26 – All About Pyrrole Disorder with Greg Newson

Greg Newson is a qualified naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist, remedial massage therapist and has a clear passion for health and well-being. He treats people who are suffering from every day things like colds and flu’s right through to digestive issues, emotional and even life threatening conditions.

Episode #25 – Healthy and Happy with Tash Sciotto

Today we chat to Tash from “Healthy you Happy me” who discusses why true health goes deeper than simply just the food we put into our bodies. She has gone from a life as a professional singer to following her secondary passion of life coaching, health and wellbeing.

Episode #24 – The Exploration Of Our Sleep Habits – Part Two

In this exciting second part of our sleep series podcast, we tune in once again with Lucy who gives us some great advice on what strategies we can use to assist in our sleep patterns in order to bring about a more quality rest.

Episode 23- The Exploration Of Our Sleep Habits – Part One

Today we’re chatting with Lucy, a self proclaimed “sleep nerd” who spreads her wealth of knowledge on the topic of sleep nutrition. We all know how important it is to get a good nights’ rest but Lucy breaks down the finer details of this well known fact.

Episode #22 – Essential Oils with Rebekah Barlow 

In today’s episode of The Whole Circle we speak with Rebekah who decided to ditch the standard nine to five and hit the road in a bus.  Along with her four kids and her husband, she is travelling around Australia, soaking in all that this amazing country has to offer!

Episode #21 – A Life Reinvented With Victoria Yuen

We’re honored to be chatting with Victoria, a single mum of two who walks us down the bumpy roads of her past and how she is now helping others to achieve their goals and be the best that they can be.

Episode #20 – Lunchboxes, Health Ratings and More with Claire Deeks

Today we chat to the incredibly inspiring and energetic Claire from Dom’s Kitchen who has transformed herself from a stressed out corporate lawyer, with a love for takeaway and frozen meals, to a self-proclaimed advocate for healthy living.

Episode #19 – No Mummy Guilt Allowed

In this episode of The Whole Circle we share tips on how you can take care of yourself more. Whether you’re a single parent or are just feeling so stressed with managing the house and doing all the other things mommies do, this podcast episode is for you.

Episode #18 – How to Eat Organic while Sticking to Your Budget

What is sprayed on your food stays on your food,so when you eat your food it ends up in your system. This is something many of us don’t want to happen.  People think going organic is difficult, or that is is really expensive, but we are here to tell you that it isn’t, and anyone can eat an organic diet, with just a little bit of extra care!

Episode #17 – Top Five Tips To Get More Active For Free

In this episode of The Whole Circle Podcast, we give you five great suggestions to get you motivated to becoming more active, even when you’re busy.

Are you ready to be motivated?

Episode #16 – How To Party Additive Free

Let us talk you through the all the details of how to host an additive free party, it is easier than you think.

Let’s get ready to party!

Episode #15 – Yoga and Meditation with Tracie Kim

Tracie Kim is a mother of three grown up children. She found yoga during a challenging phase in her life and the practice of yoga helped her calm down and find inner peace.

Episode #14 – How We Came Back After Losing It All

We are asked all the time “How did you come back after losing your entire website?” And “Why did you make the effort to come back?”

In this episode we go through all the details, the heartbreak and the wins!

Episode #13 – How To Improve Your Gut Health With Dr Jeremy Princi

We are so excited with this episode because we’re interviewing our very first male guest! Our conversation revolved around Jeremy’s own story on how he became a chiropractor and how his own health challenges lead him to teach fermentation and gut wellness.

Episode #12 – The Boy Who Was Allergic To All Food

In this episode of The Whole Circle we hear from Mary, a mother who was told her son was allergic to food, yes you read that right, he was highly allergic to ALL food.

Episode #11 – Top Five Additives To Avoid

We do something different in this episode of The Whole Circle podcast.  We discuss, in depth, our top five food additives to avoid.

Episode #10 – Top Five Tips To Eating Additive Free

In this episode of The Whole Circle we share our top five tips to living additive free.  They are easy and completely doable.  Trust us when we say that if we can change our lifestyle, so can you.  We promise.

Episode #9 – How to eat well whilst travelling with Irena Macri

In this episode of The Whole Circle podcast we talk to Irena Macri, she is an amazing person, a keen traveler and a Paleo advocate.   We loved this interview and chat about a lot of things, but mostly we talk to her about how to eat healthy while travelling.

Episode #8 – Monique – The Nourished Psychologist

In this weeks episode of The Whole Circle we interview Monique from The Nourished Psychologist.  She is an amazing mum to three beautiful children, and has made the transition to an additive free family after reading a post about additives in today’s food.

Episode #7 – Tracey’s Journey to Additive Free Eating – Interviewed by Jo

The tables are turned and it is Tracey’s turn to be interviewed and tell her story.  This episode of The Whole Circle podcast explains how Tracey, little by little, bit by bit, slowly transitioned her families way of eating.

Episode #6 – Dog Food and Natural Skincare with Adele McConnell

In this episode of The Whole Circle we talk to Adele McConnell about her love of animals, her motivation behind her eBook – Delicious Doggy Dishes and we discuss her passion for natural skincare.  This an amazingly insightful interview and we are sure you are going to love it.

Episode #5 – Jo’s Journey to Additive Free Eating – Interviewed by Tracey

Episode #5 of The Whole Circle is all about Jo.  Tracey interviews her on how it all began, why she chooses to eat additive free and the effects this is having on her whole family.  This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Episode #4 – We discuss yeast infections with Amy Crawford

In episode #4 of The Whole Circle we talk openly with Amy Crawford about her battle with a slightly taboo topic, but one we think all women should know about. If you have ever suffered from thrush, then this is an episode not to be missed.

Episode #3 – We discuss zinc and magnesium with Naomi Judge

In episode #3 of The Whole Circle we discuss zinc and magnesium. According to current research 85% of women do not get enough zinc in their diets and this can lead to some serious health concerns. As well as discussing zinc, we also talk about magnesium and the health issues around this mineral.  As again, this is an underrated mineral but one we should all know about.

Episode #2 – Welcome to the show Jules Galloway

In this episode of The Whole Circle we speak to Jules about her lack of thigh gap (I know, so incredibly wrong – NOT).  Who has a thigh gap anyway, certainly not either of us!

This interview is both inspiring and uplifting, enjoy!

Episode #1 – Welcome to The Whole Circle Podcast

This is a podcast about us, a place where we can share all our stories, like why we started Sistermixin’, where we plan on going in the future, why you should eat additive free, but on top of all of that we will bring you a whole stack of interviews to help inspire you to change your life.