CHOICE Shonky Awards – Nestlé Milo made the cut – why are we not surprised…

SHONKY: (adjective) Australian slang meaning “unreliable, unsound, dishonest, poor or of dubious quality; shoddy”

We love awards as much as the next person, but this is an awards list you don’t want to be in…Choice Shonky Awards.

There are some doozies in this years 2016 Shonky Awards Winners including Nestlé MILO (which we couldn’t be happier about).  CHOICE referred to this as “sugar dirt” – #loveit

Recently Nestlé decided that Milo was a ‘core dairy product’ and rated itself as 4.5 stars (according to the health star rating on the tin). BUT when you read closely, this health star rating is ONLY if the Milo is served with skim milk… Did this trick you too?  Did you even realise this?

Let’s look at some figures for you:

According to CHOICE, Milo that is served with full cream milk will only score a 2.5 star rating and Milo served with ice-cream will only score it 2 stars.  Are you seeing the pattern here???  And let’s face it, who actually serves their Milo with skim milk – only 13% of people, everyone else either eats it right out of the tin, puts it on their dessert or in some cases we have heard of people adding it to Weet-bix!

But wait for it, it gets better…

“Milo on it’s own fares a measly 1.5 star rating!!
At 46% sugar of course it’s going too!”

So basically what the tin should say is – Milo is full of sugar and only scores a 1.5 star rating (in a very flawed rating system to say the least).

Of course Nestlé rejected the assessment made by CHOICE, saying that the Milo health rating “is completely in line with both the Government’s Health Star Rating system and the Australian Dietary Guidelines”.  Of course it did, how else is it going to sell something that is incredibly bad for us?

On a side note – if you think the health star system is a total joke (like us), please sign this petition that has been started by a good friend of ours – Claire Deeks from Doms Kitchen.  The more people that sign the better!

Now back to Milo…

You can read the full article written by CHOICE here but in the mean time have a watch of this awesome little clip done to totally discredit the star rating #loveit

Now, before go you get all cranky at us, we’re just the messenger.  Perhaps you’d like to contact Nestlé and tell them that their false health star rating is a joke and should be changed.  Perhaps you could ask them to reduce the sugar content and while you are at it, perhaps you could ask them to make a powder (that’s heavily marketed at children) to hold some nutritional benefit – just some would be nice!

If you’d like a chocolate drink that actually holds nutritional benefit and is made with superfood ingredients then check out our Superfoods for Kidz range. The Berry Choc Chunk is the one you’ll be after.

Much love
Jo & Tracey xx

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